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HiFly Madrid

The best wind tunnel

Flying is a very remarkable sport, not like others! Flying is a whole adventure and a dream come true

At HiFly Madrid you can enjoy the amazing experience of flying in a windtunnel, with or without experience

Be part of this completely safe and unique experience


What will you find?

At HiFly Madrid you will find the opportunity of having a unique experience: Flying! Our wind tunnel is the best place to do it

Now you won´t have any excuses to not try this feeling of flying. We have all the security measures for the experience to be completely safe and we offer products made for you

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Experience level

Unique experience made for all levels

You don’t need to have experience to fly in HiFly Madrid. In our tunnel you will always find an option that will suit you:

Beginner level

Not having experience is not a problem to fly in the HiFly Madrid wind tunnel. In fact, this is a perfect place to start enjoying such an exciting hobby as flying.

We have taken all the measures for you to learn to fly safely, follow the instructions and have fun!



Flying in a wind tunnel means practicing a unique sport that will keep you in good physical and mental shape, belonging to a unique sports community and enjoying managing your body in free flight. Beat the gravity.

Kids club

Discover a different way of making the smallest of the house enjoy this unforgettable experience.


  • Entertainment and fun.
  • Sport and energy
  • They will be able to improve their skills!

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What are you waiting for to discover what FLYING is? Finally you can release all your adrenaline flying up to 12 meters high in the best wind tunnel in Madrid.

Do not think twice and book as soon as possible, dare to live an unforgettable experience at HiFly Madrid!


Taxi – full speed climb to 12 m from the height

At first, you will feel the power of free fall and you will enjoy it.

At the end of your flight, we will offer you to be taken all the way up to 12 meters at super high speeds and you will feel the power of a hurricane.

It is an option that we will offer you at the end of your flight, and after the flight simulation you will want to experiment the extreme speeds we can get to. Always with an experienced instructor and following all the security measures.


What our customers think

When they finish flying, the flyers tell us how the experience seemed to them, and their opinions are most satisfactory!


News HiFly Madrid

Do not miss anything that happens in the largest wind tunnel in Spain: all the events and news in HiFly Madrid.

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Discover the experience products we have for beginner flyers at HiFly Madrid: the Flight packs for adults, Duo Flight, Party Flight

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