We tell you who we are and why we do what we like the most, FLYING!

Our story

HiFly Madrid offers the possibility of an unique experience of flying with your body, also known as indoor skydiving or bodyflight

HiFly Experiences

HiFly Madrid Experiences

Why HiFly Madrid?

Not only operate the wind tunnel but we organize many events and competitions of indoor skydiving.

Last competition we have run in our tunnel is FS4 Spanish National.

Why are we the number 1 in Madrid

Because our facilities

Because of our long experience

HiFly Experiences

Why HiFly?

HiFly Madrid Team are very professional and live this job like they own it, they practice it constantly and they are always working to progress.


If you are a beginner, you can trust our instructors, your flight will be smooth and very safe.


If you want to improve the skills in this sport you can choose one of our instructors depending on your level or preferences.

Our instructors:

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Discover the experience products we have for beginner flyers at HiFly Madrid: the Flight packs for adults, Duo Flight, Party Flight

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