What does it feel like flying in the wind tunnel?

Flying in a windtunnel is quite a new sport

Who doesn’t want to experience the feeling of free flying? Still there are some who don’t feel like trying it but want to understand how it is like, how it feels to fly inside of a tunnel, so we will try our best to make you understand the beauty of this sport.

Saying it is amazing doesn’t even begin to describe it, this is a small part of this storm of emotions that you feel while flying. Although, the first things you feel once the tunnel starts up are

  • A very powerful push of wind that lifts you away from the lowest part
  • Your mind will be blown away of the lack of comprehension within the situation
  • Hard to control the direction of your body

In these first seconds of flying you will forget everything you learned and will only want to shout Ahhhh!

Those are the first seconds. Then, when the instructors will slowly teach you and correct your position, you will be more stabilized inside the wind current. You just realized you are flying!

It will fill you up with an indescribable feeling of joy, compared to a child’s innocent happiness.

Dedicating just one day to this experience you will become free from the weight of your worries, you will leave behind the stress and tiredness of the monotonous routine that nobody likes.

When you try something new it is like you come back to your deeper self, and fill up with new energy, strength, happiness and youth.

Renew your life, live with happiness and inspiration!

Who can fly in a wind tunnel?

The short answer to this question is almost everyone! From 4 years old you can enjoy flying in our wind tunnel. Any additional question, we can answer it calling us at +34910200020 or send an email to info@hiflymadrid.com Flying  for kids in Hifly Madrid wind tunnel...

What is wind tunnel about?

In a wind tunnel you don't experience the falling, just the flying. Also, you will not be held by an instructor while he controls the movements, the instructor will guide you, and help you to have self and safe control. Our tunnel is located in the shopping center...
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