Tandem Skydiving

at Skydive Spain


Tandem Skydiving at Skydive Spain, Sevilla!

Experience a Unique Adrenaline Rush!

If you’re searching for intense and unforgettable emotions, the tandem skydiving experience at Skydive Spain, Sevilla, is tailor-made for you! Witness the world’s ultimate launch height from 4,600 meters, securely attached to a professional instructor by a harness. With just a concise 15-minute training session, you’ll be set to undergo a 1-minute freefall at 200 km/h, followed by 5 to 8 minutes of serene parachute flight, all while reveling in the captivating Andalusian landscape.

What’s Included in Tandem Skydiving at Skydive Spain, Sevilla?

-15 minutes of pre-flight training.

-Safe attachment to a highly qualified instructor using tandem-specific equipment.

-Jump from either 4,600 or 3,100 meters, the world’s highest commercial altitudes.

-1 minute of pure adrenaline during a freefall at 200 km/h.

-Thrilling 5 to 8 minutes of tranquil parachute flight.

-Option to capture an everlasting memory with the video and photo package.















Capture Your Emotions Forever at Skydive Spain, Sevilla!

Through the video recording and photos, you can relive the sensations of your inaugural jump at Skydive Spain, Sevilla, over and over again. Experience the adrenaline, serenity, and freedom of flight and share it with your cherished ones. You’ll receive a 7-minute video and between 50 to 80 photos to treasure this special moment.

Book Now and Choose Your Tandem Skydiving Option at Skydive Spain, Sevilla!

Optional: Instructor Handycam Footage with Video and around 50 Photos for €84. Secure your reservation now at Skydive Spain, Sevilla!

Experience the thrill of skydiving with our tandem parachute jump at Skydive Spain, Sevilla. Don’t wait any longer to live this incomparable experience!

Want to become a skydiver?

At Skydive Spain, they teach you to fly, soaring higher than any other skydiving center, at 4,600 meters, granting you additional airtime to learn, practice, and have fun—more time to SOAR! You’ll gain an additional 15 seconds per jump compared to other centers, offering invaluable and essential learning time during the freefall.














Gold AFF Course


Duration: 7 DAYS


Theoretical classes

Tandem jump

Levels 1-7

Goggles, jump logbook, manual, and video

Expert AFF Course


Duration: 10-14 DAYS


AFF tandem

AFF Levels 1-8

12 consolidation jumps

5 relative work training jumps with equipment rental and all required FAE and USPA theories, plus application forms.

(Price does not include FAE and USPA license application fees)

BOOK NOW! Note: The federative license for practicing aerial sports, including personal accident and liability insurance policies, is mandatory for students. Check the various available insurance options.

      • From Seville stay on the ring road and follow the signs for the A-49 to Huelva
      • When you see the sign for Bollullos de la Mitación & Umbrete, turn off and follow the sign to Bollullos de la Mitacion
      • At the roundabout turn left and follow the road for 1.2 km
      • At the T-junction turn right and follow the road for 4.9 km
      • At the sign directing you to the Aerodromo turn left and follow the track for 1.3 km
      • Turn left again and follow the track for 1.3 km
      • Turn left again and follow the track for 0.2 km
      • Follow the track to the right to La Juliana airfield
      • Park in the car park and walk to the last hanger for Skydive Spain

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Please be aware that you cannot book transfers less than 2 hours ahead of time.


Route M-159: Sevilla – Tomares – Bollullos de la Mitacion. Please, be aware that the dropzone is 6 kilometres away from the last bus stop in Bollullos.


Estación de Autobuses Plaza de Armas, Cristo de la Expiración, S/N. 41006 Sevilla, Tel: 954907737

      • Main Directions: Madrid, Huelva, Costa de Huelva, Barcelona, Valencia, Alicante, Mérida, Asturias, Galicia, northern Spain, southern Portugal, Lisboa, international directions and province of Sevilla
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