What is wind tunnel about?

In a wind tunnel you don’t experience the falling, just the flying.

Also, you will not be held by an instructor while he controls the movements, the instructor will guide you, and help you to have self and safe control.

Our tunnel is located in the shopping center SAMBIL OUTLET, a mall where you will find all type of activities and entertainment for everyone. From a variarety of restaurants, bars, movie theaters, exciting activities like a trampoline park and our windtunnel HiFly Madrid. 

We remind  you that we have seasonal offers and discounts, so check them on our website before by clicking on the OFFERS Tab.

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This way you will save and enjoy much more of all the activities in SAMBIL OUTLET. 

We are waiting for you!

What does flying in a wind tunnel feel like?

What does it feel like flying in the wind tunnel?Flying in a windtunnel is quite a new sport Who doesn't want to experience the feeling of free flying? Still there are some who don't feel like trying it but want to understand how it is like, how it feels to fly inside...

Who can fly in a wind tunnel?

The short answer to this question is almost everyone! From 4 years old you can enjoy flying in our wind tunnel. Any additional question, we can answer it calling us at +34910200020 or send an email to info@hiflymadrid.com Flying  for kids in Hifly Madrid wind tunnel...
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