Who can fly in a wind tunnel?

The short answer to this question is almost everyone! From 4 years old you can enjoy flying in our wind tunnel. Any additional question, we can answer it calling us at +34910200020 or send an email to info@hiflymadrid.com

Flying  for kids in Hifly Madrid wind tunnel

Flying in the wind tunnel is a very safe activity that even the little ones from 4 years old can participate in.

Each of our clients will have to go through a class that will provide the basic principles of flying using your body inside the wind tunnel and the basic hand signs for communicating with your instructor while flying. Just right after we will provide you with all the necessary equipment like a suit, goggles and a helmet.

Hifly Madrid wind tunnel is prepared with a photographic and video system that will record your flying session. You will be able to have them afterwards downloading the files through the link we send you automatically.

 Those who cannot fly are:

-Children younger than 4 years of age 

-pregnant women

-those who weight over 110kg or are not healthy

-those who suffer any acute spine and joint injury (in particular shoulder injury),

-moreover those who suffer from any ailments, such as heart attack, nerve illness and likewise

-Those who are under the influence of alcohol and other addictive and psychotropic substances are not allowed to fly either.

You will be able to fly individually in the tunnel.  One flying session lasts for approximately 2 minutes and costs 49,90€ instead of 56€ during the weekdays

Also you will be able to enjoy a nice drink at the bar or have a meal at the restaurant “la Terminal”. It is the best way to go through a hot day in Madrid during this summer.

Hang on to our discounts

You will be able to book a timeslot for your flight on our website, you can find it in our profile. While in SHOP choose the package that best suits you, a DUO pack, 2 flights for adults or a group package.

If any questions, please call us 910200020

What does flying in a wind tunnel feel like?

What does it feel like flying in the wind tunnel?Flying in a windtunnel is quite a new sport Who doesn't want to experience the feeling of free flying? Still there are some who don't feel like trying it but want to understand how it is like, how it feels to fly inside...

What is wind tunnel about?

In a wind tunnel you don't experience the falling, just the flying. Also, you will not be held by an instructor while he controls the movements, the instructor will guide you, and help you to have self and safe control. Our tunnel is located in the shopping center...
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